Monday, April 25, 2011

Well that didn't happen

I thought I'd come on here to see my last post and get reinspired...would you know it I'm exactly the same weight as of this morning LOL. what are the odds. I'm a yo-yoer! I'm on Weight Watchers but I go down one week up the next which means I'm not following program! I'm good one week and then lose focus the next. My head is so not in the game. Between dance competitions for Becca and Kevin's schooling I havn't stuck to things for me. And there's no excuse I've had every opportunity and a very supportive why have I not been able to do it? Beats me. For me this is all mental. I think I should see a shrink or something.

Actually I was doing really well until my mom said "what happened? I thought you were doing so well?" yep it still bugs me and that was over a month ago...I let it derail me but it's like I was waiting for something to happen for the excuse! NO EXCUSES!!!!! I did this.

I'm not promising a weight loss's a number...yes it makes me feel better when it's lower but that's all it is. My focus this week is to drink my water (been a difficult one for me), and walk 4 times this week 20 minutes minimum. Small steps right?! I also need to get back to journalling but I've been so bad at that...I don't want to promise I'll do it yet...let me get the water and some activity started this time.

Usually I'm an all or nothing person I start with grand plans and go great guns doing everything right but then I "fall off the wagon" when I don't do one step like journal or my water. Sooooo now we are all about easing into it...getting the small things to become habit again. I used to drink ocean's of I'm back to diet pepsi (evil it is).

I found my cross stitch to work on while watching TV so I can work on curbing those evening snacks. Again small steps.

Water and 20 mins minimum 4 times this week...let's see how we do shall we?

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  1. I know sometimes it isn't needed, but other times it is.

    I just want to tell you I believe in you :)